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Voter petitions should be allowed on all previously-scheduled election days. 
General election dates are preset in advance by state and federal law.  Allowing voter petitions on these dates is FREE to the taxpayers!  In fact, there is NEVER ANY ADDITIONAL COST to have a ballot initiative decided on an already-scheduled election date.  If you hear someone say otherwise - they are deceiving you. 

Who would be against this? 

signature requirement should be linked to the number of registered voters instead of the number who voted in the last election.
  Currently voters must collect signatures equal to 10% of the voters who cast ballots in the last election.  For this petition to be on the January 22, 2009, ballot 2,476 signatures were required.  (10% of the 24,760 people who voted in the August 2008 general election. )  On November 4th over 150,000 people voted increasing the number of signatures required.  However, the next time the people can vote on an initiative is afer January 23, 2011 at another Special Election (Also costing $350,000-$500,000.)  Since the petitions have to be turned in 85 days before the election, smart voters will wait until after the August 2010 low-turnout election to turn in their signatures.  Thus it does not matter how many people voted in the November 2008 election! 

Opponents of Hear The People's amendment lie and say we are making it easier for people to put referenda on the ballot.  This is simply a bold-faced falsehood told with the assumption that you are too uneducated to understand the issue.  1% of the registered voters is 3,468.  10%  of the people who voted in the August 2008 primary is 2,476.   Which number is higher?  If you say 3,468, then we are making it harder, not easier, to put an initiative on the ballot.  In the next two months you are going to hear the lie that we are "making it easier" over and over.  Remember the speaker and know that either he or she is an fool, or they think you are...

Because current  system creates a perverse incentive to advance petitions after generally low-turnout August elections, but before the higher-turnout November elections.  Under the Election Commission's new "interpretation" of Metropolitan Charter Section 19, in most years Davidson County will be forced to hold Special Elections at an unnecessary cost of $350,000-500,000+ per election!

Who would be against this? 

Let us guarantee that when the voters speak, THEIR VOICE cannot be silenced.  With the English First initiative, there was a tremendous amount of dishonest and inflammatory rhetoric.  The 15,000+ registered voters who placed this issue on the ballot have endured insults and personal attacks while no one had the courage to stand up and debate the issue on the merits.  A lack of honest debate makes it impossible to trust our government to make good decisions.  If the VOTERS make a mistake - this Charter Amendment will allow the VOTERS to correct it immediately at the next general election, or by Special Election which they already have the right to request.  

This Charter Amendment requires the Metro Council to wait four (4) years to revisit the VOTERS' decision.   A new Council will have to be elected before it may propose its own charter amendments to change the PEOPLE'S voice.   Aspiring candidates are free to run on an issue and gain (or lose) the voters' support in the process.  This is how OUR government is supposed to work! 

Who would be against this? 

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