Hear The People!
Davidson County Voters!

We are on the Ballot!  Thanks to the THOUSANDS of Davidson County registered voters who sent back their "green cards" in time to be filed with the Metropolitian Clerk.  On November 3, 2008, we turned in TWICE the required number of signatures all of which were gathered in less than ten days!  Thanks! Thanks, and more thanks!  

On November 20, 2008, the Elecion Commmission called an election for January 22, 2009, with Hear The People's iniative on the ballot.  There were many sad faces in the meeting and the Election Commission did everything it could to not follow the law - but in the end - it had no choice to put our initiative on the ballot!  
The FIGHT is not over!   Almost immediately thereafter a phony legal challenged was initiated with the goal of suppressing your ability to vote in the election.  Rosa Quinteros, a non-citizen who cannot legally vote, filed a lawsuit designed to stop you from being able to vote.  This is what used to be called voter supression during the 60's.

Ms. Quinteros' lawsuit publically targets English First's ballot initiative, but the "word on the street" is that the Metropolitan Government is using the English First fight as a pretext to defeat Hear The People's initiative.  The Government is AFRAID of power being shifted to the people.  The Metropolitian Government, through its attorneys at the Department of Law, is planning to capitulate in the lawsuit and secretly push the court to stop the January 22, 2009 election.

We will join this lawsuit only if necessary.  Please call your council representative and ask them if they are "for or against" the people being allowed to vote on the issue.  The issue is whether the people will get to vote.

We MUST prevent such shenanigans.  Your Charter Amendment will permit voter petitions on any already-scheduled general election at no additional cost to the taxpayers!  It will also link the signature requirement to the number of registered voters, not the number who voted in the last election which varies widely.  Citizens will now know in advance what is needed to petition their government.  Lastly, it will help prevent hysteria and dishonest critics from undoing the people’s will for a reasonable time after voter approval.  These steps will increase voter participation and make government more responsive to the will of the people! 



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